Teriyaki House A great sushi restaurant should always be judged by the freshness of its seafood and the skill in its preparation. Brisbane’s Teriyaki House is pleased to offer you quality and so much more. Our menu features over 40 sushi and sashimi options. Choose from Nigiri, Maki Mono, or Vegetarian. We also serve delicious hot cooked entrees, like Tempuras, delicately vegetable and meats in panko crumbs, and Hamatchi’s. We have delicious Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango, Green Tea Cheesecake as well as other desserts as a sweet last course. We are open until 9pm everyday of the week, except our extended 9:45pm closing on Fridays. You can order conveniently online to have our fresh sushis and entrees delivered to your home or business! Order Online Payment Options